These Are the 3 Biggest Food Trends of 2022, According to Pinterest

Easy and Fast Funfetti Birthday Cake

Kristina Vanni / Eric Kleinberg

As the holiday season kicks into gear, you’ve likely already browsed your fair share of year-end wrap-ups. But if you’re ready to leave 2021 behind, you’re going to be very interested in a new report released by Pinterest.

The social media site has used predictive trend analysis to spot what’s going to be big in 2022, and its results are extrapolated from the data of 400 million Pinners. Yesterday, Pinterest released the full report, identifying 25 areas to watch (and get ahead of!). While we’re looking forward to the predicted uptick in vibrant clothing and have questions about “octopus hair,” we’re most eager to embrace the 3 biggest food trends. Here’s what you’ll be searching for, cooking, and of course, eating, in 2022—according to Pinterest.

Homemade Oregano Tea

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Proper Tea Time

This may be old news to our UK neighbors across the pond, but afternoon tea time deserves its proper due. Pinterest has tracked a huge increase in search terms for “tea party aesthetic” and “vintage tea party.” Pinners are also researching specific tea varieties, including butterfly pea tea, a pretty brew that changes color when mixed with lemon.

If you want to get ahead of this trend (and honestly, why wouldn’t you?), you’re going to need the right equipment, including a hardworking and pretty teapot. More of a one-cup-and-done tea drinker? A single-cup infuser is best for you. And don’t forget all of the recipes—it’s simply not high tea if you don’t have scones and delicate sandwiches.

While you wait for your tea to steep, read up on the tradition of authentic high tea, and do a little online shopping for a pretty tea set that would make the Mad Hatter green with envy.

Unicorn Cake

 Kristina Vanni

Epic Cakes

Now that you’ve whet your appetite, it’s time for cake! Pinterest is predicting a cake explosion (not literally, of course) in 2022, so bid your pies and cookies adieu, and prepare for attention-grabbing cakes. Pinterest notes that this trend is popular across the board; it’s already trending among millennials, Gen X, and boomers (sorry Gen Z—you’ll have to amuse yourself with TikTok food hacks.)

What kinds of cakes will we see more of in 2022? The search for “gravity-defying cake ideas” is up 70%, and 3D cake and bubble cake aren’t far behind. Also popular: Unusual cakes and cakes that double as works of art.

Want to play along, but don’t have your pastry school degree? You can take online cake decorating classes, including some for free. We also have a thorough tutorial right here at Spruce Eats. And of course, you’ll need a variety of cake pans and an arsenal of tools—gotta love that revolving cake stand.

If you’re not bowled over by elaborate cakes, that’s okay too. Hey, not everyone needs to be a trendsetter. If you’re the “more eating cake, less spending hours decorating it” type, you’ll appreciate this collection of easy, truly delicious cake recipes. And when all else fails, there is our favorite timeless standby: microwave mug cake.

Gingered Chicken Tinola and Green Papaya Soup Recipe

The Spruce / Maxwell Cozzi

Ancestral Food

Traditional recipes are going to be especially popular among Gen X and boomers. Whether you’re learning about your own roots or exploring and honoring other cultures’ cuisine, ancestral food is going to be a big trend in 2022.

Pinterest identified this trend after tracking a 150% increase in searches for traditional South African recipes, a 120% increase in Norwegian recipes, and a 35% boost in queries for Filipino recipes. Also popular were Russian and Arabic foods (of course, researching these terms requires nuance and specificity; for example, “Arabic food” includes a wide swatch of recipes, traditions, and ingredients).

If you want to embrace this trend, a good place to start is with food traditions—whether they’re your own, or another culture. We’re also looking to inclusive, intentional food educators with knowledge to share. Giving cooks a platform to share their food traditions and cuisine is one trend we hope will stay long after 2022 is over.